Equipping Professionals to be Effective Communicators
Equipping Professionals to be Effective Communicators
Equipping Professionals to be Effective Communicators
Equipping Professionals to be Effective Communicators

We provide Effective Communications Skills Training through Consultations and Workshops

Located in both the Tampa Bay, Florida area and in the Greater Fort Wayne, Indiana area, The Verbal Edge serves clients nationwide.

If we were to partner with you, your colleagues, or staff, we would begin by assessing skills: interpersonal, presentation, and desired. We also assess communication strengths and weaknesses—apparent and not apparent.

We then:

  • Reinforce existing strengths
  • Determine desired changes and goals
  • Identify verbal and non-verbal distractions that prevent effective communication skills
  • Suggest techniques and accountability strategies that embed the revised communication skills

To achieve agreed-upon desired results, we would tailor workshops, seminars or individual coaching to focus on various topics, such as:

  • Powerful delivery and presence when giving professional presentations
  • Succinct, positive, engaging, accurate, grammatically-correct, and intentionally-crafted words and phrases
  • Active listening skills for accuracy, topic engagement, and deepened connectivity
  • Rapport-driven connecting
  • Professional email writing and formatting
  • Much more!

The majority of Verbal Edge clients value the importance of effective communication—that’s why they contact us. Most work in the professions of banking, education, law, politics, engineering, healthcare, financial planning, insurance, sales, science, manufacturing, publishing, entertainment, writing, and human resources.

Elizabeth (LIZA) MacDonald is the owner of The Verbal Edge. She is a communication skills coach, trainer and consultant. Her collaborative, interactive, and customized training enhances clients’ self-confidence, productivity, reputation, professionalism, mutual understanding and their bottom line.

Individual consultations can take place in person, via the phone, or via visual technology.

For more information or to discuss and/or schedule consultations or workshops, call 260.433.3734.
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