About Us

Communication skills trainer and corporate communication consultant and coach Elizabeth (LIZA) MacDonald is the owner of the Verbal Edge.

Elizabeth’s effective communication skills

training—including public speaking instruction—and her dedication to her clients’ growth are the results of communication-focused careers:

LIZA completed her master’s degree classes and graduate orals in Broadcast Communications from San Francisco State University.

She has a Bachelor of Science in secondary education from Indiana University and is a certified teacher of Sociology, History and English.

Depending on the needs of her clients, LIZA shuttles between her homes in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and St. Petersburg, Florida in the Tampa Bay area.


Communication Skills Consultant and Coach Elizabeth MacDonald specializes in public speaking instruction as well as teaching positive, professional, clear and engaging communicating. Her company, The Verbal Edge, is located in Tampa Bay and in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she offers individual coaching and workshops.