You Don’t Say!

We speak in negatives without realizing it. Imagine what that does to our brain. Conversely, imagine what turning those unintentional negatives into positives would subconsciously do to enhance our lives and the lives of others? Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Translated: Would not it be wonderful? Why do we say that? … Continue reading You Don’t Say!

Is This “Pretty” Interesting?

When something is pretty interesting, is it more than interesting? Or is it less than interesting? By a show of hands at a recent workshop I conducted, 90% of the participants felt the word “pretty” lessened the adjective that it modified. For example, how do you feel about these two … Continue reading Is This “Pretty” Interesting?

Verbal Fillers Are Basically Contagious

As I watched and listened to a marketing person give a short impromptu presentation, I quickly identified the word she would use that would repeatedly allow her time to think, eliminate any wordless pauses, and make her sound like a bottom-line executive. Her word of choice: “basically.” After she said … Continue reading Verbal Fillers Are Basically Contagious

When in Doubt, Leave the Other Word Out

Consummate professionals stand out. We can spot them by their attitude, demeanor, attire, perspective and people skills: their professional courtesy. The total package is communication, which also involves the words people use and how they use them. Communication is a passion of mine, and I particularly delight in words–words well-chosen … Continue reading When in Doubt, Leave the Other Word Out

Is Everything Actually “Awesome” or “Cool?”

I listen intently when people talk, and I delight in the concepts and pictures their words create. Conversely, I become frustrated when, as a listener, I need to mentally substitute my vocabulary words when people, equipped with the words, retreat to their favorite knee-jerk adjectives and filler phrases. Listeners have … Continue reading Is Everything Actually “Awesome” or “Cool?”