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We provide expert and customized communication skills workshops and individual consultations nationwide. The Verbal Edge equips individuals and teams to present confidently and positively and to create messages that are professional, engaging and information rich.
About Us

Located in the Tampa Bay, Florida area and Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Verbal Edge has transformed communicators since 2009. Communication Skills Consultant Elizabeth MacDonald’s previous careers include TV reporter/anchor, marketing specialist, and high school English teacher.

Tips / Teaching

Enjoy returning to this area for:
verbal Communication skills tools. verbal Articles focusing on grammar, words, and presentation skills. verbal Videos that show those skills. verbal Vocabulary-building references—including Some Suggested Alternatives for the Words Awesome and Cool.

We transform professionals who are already good communicators into exceptional communicators.

This training empowers clients verbally and non-verbally to be

  • Confident
  • Professional
  • Clear
  • Engaging
  • Effective
  • Positive
  • Tactful
  • Assertive

We provide unique, tailored, targeted communication skills training so our individual and corporate clients emerge

  • Confidently presenting to small and large groups
  • Using positive and confidence-exuding words and eliminating verbal clutter
  • Choosing an intentional vocabulary
  • Communicating accurately and listening actively
  • Formatting and crafting professional emails
  • Being professionally prepared for media interviews, business interviews, Skyping meetings, etc.


We recently participated in a leadership workshop with Elizabeth.  The energy level generated from working with Elizabeth was contagious.  The entertainment value that Elizabeth brings to the workshop is unbelievable.  And the educational content is best-in-class.  Developing leadership employees is critical to long-term success; investing those developmental dollars with Elizabeth proved to be a wise investment.
Joe Wolfcale, CEO Fort Wayne Radiology

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